The realms of bespoke craftsmanship and luxury met at the crossroads of horology and cycling when Monards collaborated with Darren Baum, for a captivating event on the 20th of July 2023.


 The event, hosted at the Monards 101 Collins Street Boutique in Melbourne, sought to celebrate the harmonious relationship between custom-made titanium bicycles and independent luxury watches, shedding light on the impeccable artistry and precision that define both industries.


Discover the world of Australian bike builder Darren Baum, renowned for his exceptional craftsmanship. With a background in welding and machining, he honed his skills under framemaker Brian Cross, where meticulous training defined his pursuit of perfection. From traditional steel frames to titanium mastery, Baum's technical expertise shines through.

For Baum, it's not just about aesthetics; his bikes are meticulously fitted, performance-driven, and inspire a love for riding. Biomechanics became a driving force after an accident, leading him to offer exacting fittings sought after by professionals like Cadel Evans.

Every part of a Baum frame is custom-designed and crafted in-house, ensuring unparalleled quality. The result: bikes perfectly attuned to their riders in fit, performance, and aesthetics.


Bernard Fung (General Manager, Monards) and Darren Baum were inspired by each other and their respective industry, as both share the same passion for remarkable craftsmanships and artistry.

CAD drawing:

Mondrian Inspired Monards Bike, 2023 
Corretto Custom Painted Frame. 

A Symbiotic Bond: 
The Intersection of Craftsmanship

The event kicked off with a spotlight on Baum Cycles, a name synonymous with cycling excellence and ingenuity. Darren Baum's journey as a master frame builder began over three decades ago, driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of design and performance. Each Baum bike is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting the personal touch and commitment to perfection that only a true artisan can deliver.

At the heart of the event was the realization that Monards and Baum Cycles share an ethos built on the pursuit of excellence, where personalized service and uncompromising quality reign supreme. The parallel drawn between the craftsmanship of custom-made titanium bicycles and independent luxury watches became apparent during the event.

Much like the intricate mechanisms within a mechanical watch, a Baum Cycles bicycle is the result of an amalgamation of precision, skill, and a deep understanding of materials. The titanium used in Baum frames echoes the robustness and lightweight nature of premium watch components, forging a deep connection between these seemingly disparate worlds.

As the event attendees immersed themselves in the seamless blending of artistry and engineering, it became evident that this collaboration transcended more than just a one-time affair. The fusion of Monards and Baum Cycles inspired onlookers to consider the beauty of handcrafted creations that stand the test of time.


The Monards x Baum Cycles event will undoubtedly be remembered as a celebration of the profound connection between custom-made titanium bicycles and independent luxury watches. This collaboration bridged the divide between horology and cycling, emphasizing the shared values of precision, dedication, and craftsmanship that make both industries extraordinary.

We will be exhibiting the Mondrian inspired bicycle custom made just for Monards along with other selections at the 101 Collins Street Boutique until the 30th July 2023.


If you're interested to find out more about our independent range, they are available for purchase at our 101 Collins Street, and Crown Melbourne boutiques.