Based in Sainte-Croix with more than 155 years of expertise, REUGE is positioned as the world leading producer of music automaton. After over 150 years of dedication and cutting-edge innovation, Reuge has established itself as the only true master in the art of mechanical music. 

Tradition, quality, exclusivity, avant-garde, creativity: it is this unwavering philosophy that allowed Reuge to remain modern and current. Even when the mp3 player was developed, the world’s passion for Reuge’s luxury mechanical pieces remained intact and endured thanks to modern design. Today, Reuge’s ambitious challenge is to continuously keep music automatons into the spotlight with luxurious and exclusive musical gifts.

Guido Reuge

A dynasty dedicated to luxury mechanical music pieces was born, guided by Guido Reuge for over sixty years. Guido became the driving force behind the business. Intuitive, innovative and avant-gardist, he built the historic factory in Sainte-Croix in 1930 and acquires several competitor companies, bringing real added-value to Reuge. His vision, energy and artistry brought credibility and respect to the mechanical music industry. 

Did you know? 

The competition of phonographs strongly destabilized the music box industry in the beginning of the 20th century. The difficulties arising from the 1929 economic crisis led to a division of the music box market, with one segment comprising the small movements primarily fitted in bottom-range toys, and the other, the large cartel movements fitted in luxury pieces.

Singing Birds

By being one of the last remaining manufacturers of singing birds automatons, REUGE is the secret keeper of this unique know-how and continues to refine it through modern times.

Those who listen are reminded of their connection to nature and called back to the beauty of the present moment. There is an unspeakable emotion in a birdsong. REUGE’s latest collection of Tabatières named “Enchanting Birds” features a bird automaton and its magical tune in a larger than life creation. 


Merging traditional know-how with a contemporary modern casing is what defines this category. REUGE will surprise you with the use of modern materials and daring shapes, resolutely challenging conventions while remaining faithful to our state-of-the-art savoir-faire.