Messika was born in Paris in 2005 and is run by Valérie Messika, daughter of the famous diamond merchant André Messika. Core values have been passed down from father to daughter: to enhance the diamond, to push the boundaries and to strive continuously for excellence.


Maison Messika is about imagining, dreaming and creating, to give shape to a unique kind of jewelry. The first game-changer was the Skinny, slim diamond lines of surprising flexibility that re-drew the jewelry blueprint to highlight the essential, the adaptable. New and surprising shapes are constantly studied and re-imagined, to enhance female beauty and blend the timeless with the contemporary.

Shades of Colors – A fiery yellow sets a cushion-cut alight, an emerald or oval cut can be blazing white, an enticing pink is sculpted into a heart shape and a pear-cut stone is the color of blue jeans.

Exceptional Stones – So many variations on the theme of the diamond, at the heart of the Messika heritage since the beginning. Exceptional expertise, brilliantly illustrated in the treasures of nature at the heart of Valérie Messika's fine jewelry.


Messika Atelier is unique, a space bathed in soft natural light. Jewelers, setters, polishers and virtuoso artisans apply their talent and experience to create exceptional pieces. A secret fascinating world where technique gradually fades into the background to provide space for beauty.

Unparalleled Expertise – Dressed in overalls embroidered with the name of the Maison, a number of artisans lean over the workbenches in the new fine jewelry atelier. This is where unique pieces are created by a draughtsman, a specialist in CAD (computer-aided design), a model maker, three jewellers, a setter and a polisher. An age-old craft where each piece is a work of art, the fruit of a chain of talent.



The first stage in the development of a piece of Fine Jewelry requires around a hundred sketches, before the design is approved for modelling. A gouache is then created by an expert with a keen eye and a steady hand. This provides a concrete vision of the final creation and acts as a bridge between the designer and the jeweller.


This process involves multiple conversations and much research and deliberation with the workshop. Having produced a variety of models, the jeweller then constructs the various elements which will form the structure of the jewel.


The jeweller meticulously assembles the various metal pieces in order to give form to the various components of the jewel’s structure. The drawing finally comes to life, the curves take form and the harmonious architecture is revealed. The jeweller has carried out almost 200 hours of work at this stage of manufacture.


The jeweller meticulously finishes the assembly of the final structure with a welding torch, fixing the jewel’s mount into place whilst making sure to retain its flexibility. This structure will then house the various carefully-cut stones, giving life to a work of perfect proportions. 


The delicate operation of polishing is performed at several stages during the manufacture of the jewel. This process, carried out several times before and after setting, helps to reveal the full splendour of the queen of stones. The skilful hands of the polisher will spend more than 50 hours on a custom finish, giving the desired mirror effect to the entire structure.


Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch. Diamond jewelry in a contemporary style to be worn every day. Much of Valérie’s inspiration comes from art, playing with a Calder sculpture in her father's office, absorbing from his collection various details of line, movement, colour, composition, which have shaped her overall sense of form and proportion. 

Inspiration clearly also comes from street style, imbuing Messika Jewelry with a dynamic urban beat. She draws inspiration too from fashion, haute couture, and from the great classical themes of jewellery history, which are contemporised and rejuvenated through her vision. 

In all her designs Valérie Messika aims to create a sense of volume, movement, and sensual fluidity. 

Very important to her is the ergonomic comfort: “A jewel has to stay in place. Our cuff is made to fit everyone perfectly. Women should forget they’re wearing expensive jewels; they must be able to move naturally, walk, dance, run, work.”

Monards is an authorised retailer of Messika. Messika jewellery is availablefor purchase at our 101 Collins Street, Crown Melbourne and Gold Coast boutiques.