Timepieces of art – crafted with the greatest care in Sylvain Pinaud’s workshop. Reflecting his philosophy of quality and elegance.

As a modern watchmaker, Sylvain Pinaud believes that watchmaking can only be art, whose goal is to achieve uncompromising quality and dedication. Pinaud set up his independent workshop to satisfy his quest for qualitative artisanal watchmaking according to his values – at the crossroads of art and science. Committed to have tomorrow’s finest watchmaking appreciated by those who prioritise uncompromising quality and dedication. 

Independent, Relevant And Sincere Watchmaking At The Crossroads Of Art And Science

Son of a watchmaker and having frequented the workbench during childhood, it was alongside his father that Sylvain Pinaud discovered the profession. Captivated by his work and convinced of the vocation, Pinaud joined the Morteau watchmaking school to deepen and develop his knowledge and technical know-how.

Pinaud is fascinated by all the facets of watchmaking: historical, mechanical, artistic and scientific, and passion.

Upon graduation, years of practice followed in discreet workshops and major watch manufacturers. Allowing Pinaud to forge a solid experience which led him to take a different direction within independent watchmaking.

Sylvain Pinaud’s Workshop

Based in Sainte Croix, Switzerland, Sylvain Pinaud’s atelier is a workshop where restorations of old objects rub shoulders with innovative prototypes – history feeds the future.

It is the heart of Pinaud’s know-how – where everything is possible due to the wealth of skills and knowledge. Amongst lathes, milling machines and control devices are century-old tools. Here, Pinaud is able to craft components in a short time to validate a concept, analyse a singular part to solve a problem or decorate a movement prior to its assembly. Truly, an inspiring place to achieve quality watchmaking.

Origine: A Timeless Mechanical Sculpture

Harmonised with the unique layout of the silver dial, the timepiece boasts timeless proportions. Its dial, of rare complexity, plays on contrasts and extraordinary finishing to improve readability. Underlined by its polished steel cartouche, it shares the spotlight with the heart of its movement. Only traditional materials are used in this watch – in their simplest treatment. Guaranteeing a perenniality and great longevity. This timekeeper promises an irreproachable precision for centuries. 

Its hand wound mechanical movement oscillates at 21,600 v.p.h and is equipped with a 55-hour power reserve. Its big free sprung balance wheel, coupled with Phillips balance-spring, allows for precision adjustment.

For each timepiece to be unique, various combinations of materials and finishes can be personalised on request.

Sylvain Pinaud timepieces are available for purchase at our Crown Melbourne boutique.