Grand Seiko Celebrates
the Ever-Changing Seasons

Grand Seiko Celebrates
the Ever-Changing Seasons

June 2021

In Japan, all four seasons of the year is experienced in six phases – each with its own distinct characters. The subtle changes from one to the next bring the nature of time closer to our senses..

Grand Seiko’s new series of GMTs within its Elegance collection reflect the various seasonal phases or sekki. Featuring dial designs that are romantically inspired by a particular moment – from cherry blossoms that awaken in spring to the glistening cold of snow in winter.

Both SBGJ251 and SBGJ249 are driven by the high-beat mechanical Calibre 9S86 while SBGE271 and SBGE269 are powered by the Spring Drive Calibre 9R66. Exhibited through their sapphire crystal case backs.


Shunbun & Shōsho

The spring equinox arrives. Wild cherry trees in the mountains, covered with frost, begin to bloom as sakura blossoms decorate the slopes. Encapsulated in the SBGJ251 with its green dial and rose gold accents.

As seasons change, so should the watches on our wrists. SBGJ249 features a wave-patterned dial that mimics the delicate ripples on lakes and ponds shimmering in
the summer sun.


Kanro & Tōji

The SBGE271 is equipped with a central seconds hand that sweeps smoothly, silently and mysteriously – like the moon across a calm Autumn night. As the winter solstice approaches, the days get shorter, air is crisp and clear, and snow muffles the sound of wind.

SBGE269 has a textured dial reminiscent of its snow-covered landscapes.

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