Monards x Jaeger-LeCoultre x P Johnson Tailors – The Night of the Reverso
07 Dec 2017

On the 7th of December, Monards and Jaeger-LeCoultre held a small gathering at the P Johnson Tailors showroom in Windsor, combining the worlds of the Reverso and Napolitan style tailoring.

JLC Suiting-004

JLC Suiting-012

The night was a casual affair, showing off the sartorial style of the Reverso and its ability to transform to suit different occasions. Much like Made-to-Measure suiting, the Reverso shares the trait of being able to be made especially for a client with numerous options of personalisation available to the wearer.

JLC Suiting-067

Both the Reverso and the Suit are items that bring the wearers on journeys of discovery – of details and fine mechanics, exquisite materials and precise co-ordination of elements.

JLC Suiting-084

JLC Suiting-098

JLC Suiting-038

This night of discovery was a success, demonstrating all of the possibilities of this Art Deco classic with the effortless cool of Napolitan style tailoring.

JLC Suiting-088


Monards would like to thank P Johnson Tailors and Jaeger-LeCoultre for supporting this event.