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Messika – Tribute to Femininity

A modern diamond jewelry house, Messika was founded in Paris in 2005 by Valérie Messika. The daughter of André Messika, one of France’s most successful diamond merchants, Valérie learnt with her father before she was inspired to launch her own jewelry brand based on making everyday, cool and wearable diamonds.

Diamonds are my roots and my expertise. When I set out to create my own jewellery brand, I wanted diamonds to be everyday and not only for a couple’s most sacred moments. I wanted something cool, casual and easy-to-wear.

Valérie Messika

Founder, CEO and Creative Director


VISION – Contemporary Fine Jewelry

Since its origins, Maison Messika has succeeded in combining the timelessness of the diamond with a modern touch. Diamond jewelry in a contemporary style to be worn every day.


One Step Ahead of Trends

In thirteen years, Valérie Messika has not only created a modern jewelry House and built an international brand, but she has also changed the state of mind on diamonds. By designing mobile and ergonomic jewelries that highlight the body of women, she has invented an original language for diamonds, and impose her contemporary style on a whole new generation searching for modernity. Her reputation and expertise allow her to start a new chapter for Messika.