Fantasia Joséphine
The brilliance of combinations

Joséphine, the iconic Chaumet collection, has been reinvented, playing with colour, re-enchanting pearls and giving a place to fantasies for every hour and desire. Create your own Joséphine ring by mixing and matching the new Joséphine Aigrette rings. With colourful tones of gemstones, diamonds and pearls, combine them to make your own.

Crown Your Love

Discover the collections of engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal sets by Chaumet, the jeweller of feelings.


Summer Spirit

Chaumet introduces its new and colorful additions to the Liens and Hortensia jewellery collections. The naturalistic Hortensia Eden collection is enriched with shapely new models, and with an air of playful possibility, the Jeux de Liens boast new colours.

The range of delicious shades in lacquer – Garance red, Tonique orange and Tyrian pink – invite happy pairings. Each is offered as a double chain bracelet, pendant, and individual ear studs. The upbeat sautoir combines the three shades in double-face form.

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Introducing Bee My Love Collectable Bracelets

Following the stackable Bee my Love rings, a cheeky nod to the Maison’s imperial past, Chaumet had an irresistible desire to enlarge the graphic bands and create an ensemble of collectable bangles. Express who you are with one, five, ten or more! The new language of bracelets is about strong design and a sign of recognition.