About Us

An Australian Destination for Luxury

Monards has been an institution for Fine Watchmaking, High Jewellery and Exquisite Accessories for more than 25 years, helping to developing a deep culture of appreciation for luxury goods amongst our clientele.

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Monards – Our Mission, and Our Commitment.

Monards provides connoisseurs, enthusiasts and first-timers with an unprecedented selection of Fine Watches, High Jewellery and Exquisite Accessories from the world’s foremost luxury manufactures and ateliers.

Each boutique houses a carefully selected range of brands under-one-roof which gives our clients unparalleled choice – something that remains at the very core of our philosophy at Monards.

Our commitment to the concept of service extends to after-sales. With our in-house service centre, Monards is equipped to handle many repairs to our customer’s treasured timepieces, providing care to heirlooms for years to come.

Exclusive product, and unparalleled customer service - this is what lies at the heart of the experience at Monards.

Bernard Fung, General Manager

About Us